Argengringos Unidos


Argengringos Unidos


The recordings by Fabian Jolivet, as leading producer of the ARGENGRINGO & PURISTA FUTURISTA MUSIC, such as the noble benefit for the musicians of NEW ORLEANS, “The Congo Square Project Foundation” & the league of drumming gentlemen “Drummers United (with a little help from our friends)”, are free & extraordinary productions that respond (regardless of styles) to a certain concept perfectly sustained by the intuition and peculiar knowledge of this peculiar musician, an artist & producer that at this point deserves to take a definite step within the universal lanscape of music. The ARGENGRINGO productions are also the music of dreams, and, the free combination of a long chain of artists that gather in a place were each freely collaborate with their own creative portions. It’s a boundless suplement of musical influences, but, it would be unfair to introduce Fabian Jolivet only by his frame of influences because his recordings are perfectly original & organic; from the intense study of the roots of tango, of the experimental freedom, to the poetic pulse of it’s writers, the sacred punk scream of the marginados and the endless distortion of being & the nothing. The ARGENGRINGO productions by Fabian Jolivet are carved in a tree, in stone, in a drum and in the humidity of a distant river. They are contemplative and respectful of the central nucleus of rhythm.

Personally I feel privileged by participating in some of these very interesting productions. It’s impossible not to be surprised by them – they leave you wanting to hear more. Fabian is a full time creative producer. within my personal journey via these productions i found myself involved in collaborations with Jorge Magliano, Chuck E Weiss, Freddy Koella, Ramon Ayala, Daniel Melingo, Capitan Crab, Patan Vidal, Marc Ford, Giggles Elisavetsky, Mike Watt & Stephen Taylor Hodges…  Illustrious names that constantly come onboard this dynamic casting-bridge amongst continents and “musical continents”. John Boudreaux (The Master), Moris (the creator of rock en espanol), John Densmore (The Doors), Ciro Fogliatta (Broken Fingers), Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones), Japocholo Nakamura (The Virtuoso), Deacon Jones (The Master of the Hammond), Don Vilanoba Botafogo, The Mastersons (Steve Earle), Candy Caramelo & Diego Garcia are some of the noble participants of a musical collective in permanent progresive transformation. The work style of Fabian is truly interesting, offers freedom & compromise, and, we all feel free & compromised.

Talking about music is interesting, but, it’s worth a lot more to offer yourself to listen to these solid, truly interesting & formidable recordings. To say that the musical range is as wide as the world itself, that everything sounds organic, free and in permanent evolution: that, is true, but the final musical experience is also surprising & addictive. Jolivet has a place amongst the most interesting artists & producers in the United States (thus: in the whole world) and this form of creating that he proposes is perfectly original, yet, respectful of the roots of these styles and includes the de-generation within the spirit of free artist, and, also in Fabian himself, who’s a walking encyclopedia, deserving character in a novel.  Now, because all lives that belong to a novel end up the very same way, I personally feel the need of recommending these recordings and also the need to gather the compromised-participant music listeners out there. The ARGENGRINGO treasure of Fabian Jolivet is already un-forgettable, but, cannot remain in a permanent “work in process” level. It’s necessary to embrace this project as ours, from the atalaya of listeners, friends, artists &/or people involved in a sensitive world were music still matters.

We must compromise so these recordings reach all shores, so Captain Jolivet can finally find the big white whale that are the listeners that he deserves.


ANDRES CALAMARO Madrid, May 28/2015