yesterday … con link … y very updates


yesterday … con link … y very updates


terminamos los RECORDINGS del disco bomba …
HOY toca descorchar champu en mondomix … con los chochamus.

AYER, en la ceremonia y entrega de premios de la MUSICA
TINTA ROJA gano como el mejor disco de MUSICAS TRADICIONALES del año
(produced by javier lemond)

Ayer pude compartir este alegron con Juanjo D.
ya que estaba entre los invitado en la CENA de la INDUSTRIA
que me eligio como la PDA07 … del gremio … un privilegio importante, un honor ser elegido por todo el espectro del gremio de discos y producciones … ademas fue una ceremonia estupenda y fui arropado por mis intimos pares y por la colectividad discografica toda … MUCHAS GRACIAS ..
(en la fotoblog, con Fito Paez on stage, un momento fraternal)

update monday … ya estamos mixing las canciones (de rock) del proximo disco … que consta de 12 nuevos traks.

diccionario ex-pontaneo ?

Peronanista : mezcla rara de periodista no necesariamente justicialista.
Almorranavar :universales hemorroides manchegas universales

BLOG recomendado

Someday this man will be justly recognized for his music, September 28, 2002
Reviewer: e.s. ortiz-gonzalez (Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico United States) – See all my reviews
Calamaro can be justly and truly described as the Obi-Wan Kenobi of what s known as Rock en espanol ( Rock music in Spanish ). It is a shame that his music is overshadowed with the likes of Shakira, Juanes, Mana, etc. who, yes why not, can make nice music, but just that: nice, while Calamaro s music is much more than that. Now, if you have never heard Andres Calamaro before, here -this CD- is your starting point. El Salmon is a 103 songs, -a 5 CDs!!- tour de force where Calamaro sings about everything, from love and women to politics and further with that downright cynical sneer of his. Calamaro even covers rock classics like the Stones Time is on my side or The Beatles The Long and Winding Road . So, if you like Rock en espanol it is time that you check this out. I m sure that you will love it, and ask yourself why he s not more known. I don t know, maybe his music is reserved for the proud and the few. Will you be one of them? Hope you enjoy it.

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One of the best latin rock concerts ever!, March 9, 2007
Reviewer: Boris A. Trejos “music lover” (North Carolina) – See all my reviews

Andres Calamaro,considered by many one of the greatest singer songwriters to have come out of Argentina and Latin America in the recent years,delivers a powerful,passionate,nostalgic and totally over the top performance of 30 songs spanning his entire musical career from his beginnings with “los abuelos de nada” with a classic like “mil horas” to some of his best solo work with songs like “el salmon”,”flaca”,”estadio azteca”,”te quiero igual”,”maradona” y “tuyo siempre” just to name a few,and topping it all off with a few classic songs from his brilliant work with the magnificent spanish band “los rodriguez” with songs such as “mi enfermedad” y “sin documentos”.

With songs as personal as his may be,(listen to “la libertad” and “alta suciedad” for proof of this),Andres Calamaro always manages to connect and move his fans at the core of their hearts due to the humble and sincere nature of his lyrics and evident showmanship exhibited throughout this entire concert in Buenos Aires.

This is truly one of the best latin rock music concerts you will ever get the chance to witness filled simply with great rock anthems delivered from the heart and sung by one of the greatest latin troubadors ever.

Do yourself a favor and buy this awesome show and while you are at it,pick yourself a copy of “el regreso” which is the audio cd version of this concert with 21 of these magnificent songs.You may also want to get
“hasta luego” which is his former band”los rodriguez” greatest hits,a truly amazing album too.

If you love latin rock,you will totally adore the cd s I just mentioned.You ve been warned..

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Chimpancentrico y filosofacil ….


oi oi oi … desde lo mas profundo, y heroico, de la humildad solista les cuento que:
estamos terminando este album, mezclando la cancion numero doce … brutal !